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Services I offer

At Life Choice Coaching...

Corporate Coaching
Leadership Qualities/Create Ideal Corporate Culture/Giving and 
Receving Feedback/Team Building/Effectivity
  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership  Program

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Motivation

Life Choice Business Coaching represents bespoke high quality one-to-one and/small group life coaching and analytical review. 

Every person has at some time in their lives had sleepless nights with worry over matters seemingly unresolvable. 

Business Coaching by Life Choice addresses issues affecting persons either individually or in very small select groups.

The applied principle is to examine, define, address and resolve issues which affect both the person at work, motivating for targets, creating harmonious working environments, increasing efficiency, providing new directions and achievements.

Many companies will address Business Coaching as an "en-mass" situation. Whilst initially this would seem sensible it is not the correct medium or pre-requisite to establish individual issues, all of which affect one's ability for performance and function to greater effect.

Life Choice Business Coaching goes to the heart of the matter. Ultimately, there is no business problem that cannot be resolved by establishing the causes, dealing with any underlying factors (yet to be established) and providing a fresh platform from which to progress. Stress management, identification, plus stress control equals work/life balance plus increased working abilities.

Lfce Choice does not profess to provide motivational/sales targeted linguistics. Instead the principle of meaningful inspiration by: firstly, analysis; secondly, goal setting; and thirdly, achievement, will prove of immense benefit both to the individual plus to the company in overall effect.

To find out more or to arrange a course, get in touch today.


Personal Coaching

Goal Clarity/Dynamics, Balance Work/Life/Family,

Earning The Money You Deserve and Breaking Through Barriers

Life is challenging and people deserve to feel happy, confident, and as fulfilled as possible. Life coaching aids people in sorting through difficult issues and moving forwards in positive ways.

At Life Choice  I work with clients privately on a one-to-one basis, group workshops/ seminars and through dialogue, listening, probing and thoughtful analysis, together, we make significant progress towards clarity and a strategy for positive change.

I have coached clients across a variety of areas, including:

  • Relationships

  • Work/life balance

  • Career change

  • Personal development

  • Decision-making

  • Increasing self-awareness and self-acceptance

I initially assess my personal coaching clients on the telephone, with a later 'in-person' appointment.

So, if you feel you need assistance with any of the various issues outlined above, or if you are having trouble working out why life just isn't going quite how you would like it to, then get in touch. We can work together to help you feel uplifted, empowered, and start to make changes to genuinely improve your whole life.

Contact me today for a free initial Consultation to see if Coaching is right for you.

Corporate Coaching

As a corporation, you have your set-goals, particularly, how you wish your business and personnel to grow and be sustained.  To achieve this, sustained efforts have to be maintained.  I will provide your organisation the tool and expertise required to achieve this through Corporate Coaching.

Corporate coaching is an advanced level of coaching that works to improve individual performance with the main goal of improving organizational performance. It aims to help individuals realize their true potential, so that they have the motivation, confidence, and determination to carry out their professional tasks as efficiently as possible. It is oriented toward identifying and improving on developmental needs instead of ignoring them. Companies that have tried corporate coaching have reported the following benefits:

  • It improves employee morale, which results in increased productivity. This contributes to organizational development.

  • Corporate coaching help employees achieve individual benefits such as improved relationships with colleagues and superiors. This means that the coaching program also helps in team building, which is necessary for achieving team or organizational goals.

  • Individuals who have undergone corporate coaching programs also report an increased satisfaction with their job. As a result, the organization sees a higher employee retention rate.

  • It also helps employees develop effective communication skills that are essential for improving their relationships with clients. This means that organizations can expect to see a higher client retention rate for their business.

  • A well-trained and motivated team of employees helps the organization grow in almost every aspect. In fact, some companies that have tried corporate coaching reported cost reduction and bottom-line productivity.

Personal Coaching

  • Career Development

  • Relationship

  • Work and Life Balance

  • General Well-being

  • Investment

Coaches aim to help you recognise where you want to be in life and how you can get there, as well as identifying the potential that already exists within you. This is often accomplished through a series of questions designed to help you recognise, accept and build upon your strengths and weaknesses.

You should expect to be given the opportunity to assess your emotional well-being and how you are progressing in life. You will consider whether you are happy, whether you are reaching your goals, and assess your state of mind and your relationships.

A coach won’t necessarily offer direct advice and they won’t tell you exactly what to do; but with expert strategies, they will offer guidance and support through a tailored personal development plan, in order for you to set realistic goals and continue working on the journey outside of the coaching sessions.

An accredited life coach can help you build confidence, accept your strengths and work with you on a journey towards change and a happier you.

A personal development coach will also:

  • Ask questions in order to guide you to an answer.

  • Encourage deep thoughts about your life currently and the changes you want to make.

  • Encourage you to challenge your thoughts by identifying inconsistencies.

  • Support you through difficult decisions.

  • Assist you with creating and following your personalised plan.

  • Help you to create strategies and reach your goals. 

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