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This book will inspire you to alter the way you think - from negative to positive thinking. We often wonder why we are not doing well, struggle endlessly to change our misfortunes, yet nothing seems to work. This is because, for many who trust God 100 per cent, they trust themselves less. God, Faith and Reality will teach you how to work hard doing the right things - not the wrong things! More importantly, you will discover that when you trust and believe more in yourself, you will excel in all that you do. You are well endowed by God, therefore, use your given talent, wisdom, intellect and comportment to make yourself great. As a Motivational Speaker/Life Coach and Mentor, I am very passionate about change and helping others achieve their set life goals. I have worked with individuals, mentoring and supporting them to channel their careers to success. I have also worked with corporations in helping them build leaders. The experience and my great belief in self-determination helped me in writing this book. We have grown into a society that depend on God for virtually everything: health, jobs, career, relationship and general well-being. Africans in particular, have relinquished their intellect, intelligence and talents in pursuit of God’s promise of signs, miracles and wonders for those who obey and worship Him. Consequently, they do less for themselves while spending their valuable time in Churches and other places of worship in pursuit of this fantastic vision. 
You are responsible for your own actions, therefore, your life. Remember, life is like a bank account, what you put in is what you will take out. God, Faith and Reality will inspire you to achieve more in your chosen career, relationships and general approach to life’s issues. We often wonder why we do not achieve our chosen goals while others around us, do great things. It is down to our individual fear and resistance to change, attitude, thought and desire. Therefore, to succeed in life, we must first conquer our fear of the unknown. To enable us do that, we must change the way we think, for, whatsoever we do begins with a simple thought. God, Faith and Reality will inspire you to change the way you think. To be successful, you must be prepared to do extra-ordinary things. Be your own master and take absolute control of your life! God, Faith and Reality will hopefully, inspire you.


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